Design runs in my family.

Over a century ago my great grandfather, Duburg Breneman spent his days as a newspaper printer and typographer for the Avant Courier in Bozeman, Montana. One hundred years later I am honored to continue the trade and passion of typography as a graphic designer. My family has a proud Montana history dating back to 1860 when our family homesteaded in the Gallatin Valley. Before Duburgs’ untimely death at age 30, he began his career as an apprentice, then “printer devil” and on to typographer and foreman of the Avant Couier Newspaper (f. 1871). I have read that he would travel state to state in search of type and printing processes. I am proud to carry on this adventurous spirit today through my design, photography and love of Montana.

Duburg Breneman  1888 -1918
Rilla Whooten   1887-1918